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Spread Picks - Asian PGA Tour

Tipster: Andy

Odds: Spreads

Singapore Masters

Spread Betting News (Sporting Index)

Summary: 3 Bets, 1 Win, 2 Losses. P&L -1.2 Pts.


Round Two Trades


Sell Charl Schwartzel over Terry Pilkadaris 18H MB at 4 with Sporting Index for 0.2 Pts M/U 28, Loss 4.8 Pts
Schwartzel won this by 2 yesterday but it was more a poor score by the opponent rather than Charl showing he has suddenly found the way to play on these courses. That being the case, it is value to try and re-coup the losses from R1 in R2 at the same price.


Round One Trades


Sell Charl Schwartzel over Terry Pilkadaris 18H MB at 4 with Sporting Index for 0.2 Pts M/U 16, Loss 2.4 Pts

Schwartzel is a player who plays far better in South Africa and the middle east but when he ventures into mainland Europe and the Asian tour he seems to struggle. In eight visits to this tour, he has an 8th in Hong Kong and his best position after this is 29th which, considering the lack of quality in these events, is pretty poor stuff indeed. Pilkadaris, meanwhile, plays this tour full time and has 10 top 10's including a win in 21 starts since January last year. Anywhere else this price would be value to support Schwartzel, but on this tour its value to oppose.


Sell Nick Dougherty over Mardan Mamat 18H MB at 8 with Sporting Index for 0.2 Pts M/U -22, Profit 6 Pts
This is one of these bets where you see the initial price, and then look for any suitable reason to support the underdog. Current form doesn’t give us any, it is actually quite poor but his course form, albeit the lesser of the two form pointers in terms of importance is actually ok. In four starts his worst position on Laguna National is 30th. Dougherty is defending champion but has M/U at 50 in both his two other visits to the course, and on tour is averaging a 42 M/U even although he has the win and a 3rd in China in 12 starts. This is a speculative bet of course but its value at 8, although no less. It is available at generally to the same price though.