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HSBC Champions Tournament

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Summary: 5 Bets, 2 Wins, 3 Losses. Loss 4.8 Pts.

Bet 1 - 18H MB @ IG Sport. Sell Bradley Dredge over Kevin Stadler at 3. Stake: 0.2 Pts, M/U 19, Loss 3.2 Pts

The start of a new season and here we have a European against an American in China. In these circumstances you have to look at what the players have done in the area and whereas Stadler has never played in Asia, Dredge has played 6 events and has a best place of 15th in China in 2004. Stadler at least has attempted to play out-with the comforts of home and has a win in Australia which has given him playing privileges on the European Tour. Dredge should definitely be favourite, especially given his late season form but there are enough question marks here to suggest 3 is a little too high.

Bet 2 - 18H MB @ Sporting Index. Sell John Bickerton over Paul Sheehan at -1.5. Stake: 0.2 Pts, M/U 37, Loss 7.7 Pts
Here we have another player, in Sheehan, who hasn't played on this tour, but is a regular on the Japanese tour where he has three Top 10's in his last 5 starts. Bickerton, meanwhile, has played 13 times on this tour and has struggled somewhat, only having two top 15's and a finishing position average in the mid 30's. Arguably, Sheehan should be favourite for a variety of reasons including Current form, where Bickerton has not had a Top 20 in his last 10 starts.

Bet 3 - 18H MB @
Sporting Index. Buy Yong-Eun Yang over Stephen Dodd at 1.5. Stake: 0.2 Pts, M/U 28, Profit 5.3 Pts
Dodd is another player, like Bickerton, who has done nothing since his 2006 win. In 8 starts since winning in Ireland, Dodd has failed to get inside the Top 50 and has missed 6 cuts in that time. On this Tour he averages 40th place having only posted 3 Top 10's in 22 starts. Yang, meanwhile has three Top 20s in his last 3 Japanese starts and won his last Asian Tour event in September. This is arguably the best of the 18H offers available for R1 of this event.

Bet 4 - 18H MB @
Sporting Index. Sell Robert Karlsson over Camilo Villegas at 4. Stake: 0.2 Pts, M/U -16, Profit 4 Pts
In 9 Australasian starts Villegas has 4 Top 15's to his name and in a trip to Japan in October finished 3rd. This is enough to suggest he should cope with conditions here and it is certainly a course set-up that should suit his game. He is paired with Karlsson who after a great 2nd half of 06' was very close to winning the Order of Merit title. His record though on this tour is poor with no top 15's in ten starts and missing the cut in 4 of those. Like the suggested bet on Stadler, Karlsson should definitely be the favourite but not by as much as 4pts.

Bet 5 - 18H MB @ Sporting Index. Sell Johan Edfors over Camilo Villegas at 3. Stake: 0.2 Pts, M/U 19, Loss 3.2 Pts    
Edfors has of course won in this part of the world but other results here are generally poor and that is similar to his European form this year where 2 mainland wins were accompanied by some really poor results. With this in mind I suggest we get with Villegas twice as a fair price in this match would be around 0-3.