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Tour-Tips is an online statistical resource for the study of professional golf. On the 'data' site here, there are details of the customisable Excel formsheets that give a statistical preview of any Tour event and are received via email at the start of the week, and there are details of the data files that are available for purchase which provide a full statistical breakdown of all Tour events since 1996. Betfair historical odds for 'win markets' on a per-minute basis for the PGA & European Tours are available as a free add-on for all subscribers to the data files on the 'data' site. On the main site, there are resources available online to study past events and preview current events. Full details are given below.

Stats for every player in each Tour event are produced on Monday morning each so that there is plenty of time for people to research each Tour event before they start. Thereafter, betting tips will be posted on the site for each Tour event. In most cases, these will be on Wednesday each week once sufficient odds have been published, though outright tips for PGA and European Tour events will typically be posted on Tuesdays as there is usually little value left in these markets by Wednesday. During the course of each event, there may also be 18-hole fixed odds and spread betting tips posted. For all the stats and betting tips each week, check the 'page updates' box on the right for the most recent updates.

Betting Picks

For PGA and European Tour (including co-sanctioned) events, there will be plays provided by Joe, Ralph, Ian, Miles, James, Shaun, Jumbo and Stanley. Selections for the ante-post outright markets will be provided by Joe for the PGA Tour and by Ralph for the European Tour; Ian will provide tips for the First Round Leader market for both Tours, James will provide tournament match tips for the PGA and European Tour; Shaun and Jumbo will provide tips on the various in-running 'win' and 'place' markets once the tournament has started; while Stanley will offer plays based on the Betfair exchange.

For LPGA and Champions Tour events, there will typically only be outright available and these will be provided by Walter and Shaun, respectively, while tips for the Tour are provided by Bill. Other Tours are covered on an occasions, but tf a bookie prices up an event on one of the five main Tours, you will always find an opinion at Tour-Tips.

Stats Analysis

For every Tour event for which there are likely to be odds, there will be a full statistical analysis of each player in that week's field. This involves summaries for current form, location form, long-term form, statistical form, two measures of course form and two measures of course compatibility, plus there is an overall index [Tour-Tips ratings] that brings this analysis together.

This stats analysis will be provided in two stages during the week. Once the previous week's events are finished, the full range of stats tables will be published on Monday mornings for the coming week's events, while these tables will then be updated on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning once the tee-times have been published and the field finalised.

But the stats analysis does not end there. At the end of each round on the PGA and European Tours, there will be 27 in-running stats tables published that analyse the performance of the players in different categories.

At Tour-Tips, you will also find profiles of each player on the four main Tours that will present a series of statistical analyses for that player as well as collate all the main news stories about the player over the last month, profiles of each tournament on the four main Tours that provide an analyses of how the event has been won (or lost) in the last five years and you will also find customisable Tour Stats for all the Tours covered on Tour-Tips with the exception for the European Challenge Tour.

Golf Odds

Each week there will be a comprehensive listing of the 72-hole and 18-hole matchups offered by the major online sportsbooks (twenty-three monitored at the moment) across the different Tour events. For events on the PGA Tour, there are usually over 100 different matchups to choose from each week, so it's worth shopping around!

The bookies' sites are trawled once per hour for matchup odds to provide the most up-to date offerings on page. For the PGA, European, Champions and LPGA Tour, these matchup listings also display the head-to-head records for the players involved, which can be very useful additional information when capping matchups.

Please remember that most European sportsbooks offer 3-way matchups. That is, there is a separate bet offer for the tie, so if your selection ties in the matchup, the result is not a voided wager, but a loss. These odds are also included in the matchup listing so it is clear who offers 2-way and who offers 3-way betting.

In addition to the matchup listings, there is also links to the relevant page on the odds comparison site, OddChecker, for the outright odds for each Tour event, as well as link to Betfair's 'winner' market odds for each event. The books listed on the OddsChecker site are almost exclusively British, but this is not a significant restriction as each-way betting is the primary focus of outright betting at Tour-Tips.

Picks Archive & Betting Record

All betting tips, stats tables and odds are archived each week and these are fully searchable via the 'Archive' link in each Tour toolbar. The archived tips date back to the inauguration of this site for the start of the 2000 season, so it is easy to find out what has been written about an event in previous years.

Golf Database

Two fully searchable databases are available that cover all the men's and ladies' professional Tours. Features include basic scores, 'adjusted scores', positions by round and shots behind leaders, plus player stats per event on the primary Tours. More recently added database queries include the ability to search player performance relative to weather conditions, relative to other players in final-round contention, by comparison with how many weeks' rest or consecutive action, and there is a 'top players' query as well. There is also the facility to compare how two players have fared against each other by using the head-to-head database search. This should be particularly relevant for matchup betting.

Live Scores

The links for live scoring are updated each week, so finding the current leaderboard for any event has never been easier.

The List

A brief description is also provided of the golf betting markets that are provided by the books monitored each week. This should make the task of finding a good sportsbook for golf betting much easier.

Related Links

Here you'll find a list of the best golf information sites, our favourite sports betting forums and comments on other golf betting sites. Golf is a difficult game to handicap, but here you'll find some very knowledgeable golf tipsters. A good place to look for a second opinion on golf, or maybe even a first opinion!

If you've any suggestions to improve the site, don't keep them to yourself, let us know.

Have a profitable season and we hope you enjoy the site!

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Events covered this week:

Southern Africa Alfred Dunhill Championship
tips stats profile
Asian PGA Indonesian Masters
tips stats profile
European Senior MCB Tour Championship - Seychelles
tips stats profile


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Tipster 2018 P/L:

  Joe +91.72pts
  Walter +38.13pts
  Shaun +29.52pts
Miles +4.36pts
  James -3.70pts
  Jumbo -21.50pts
  Stanley -29.52pts
  Ralph -44.42pts
  Bill -51.77pts
Ian -94.60pts
  TOTAL -84.88pts


Tipster December P/L:

  Joe +13.70pts
  Stanley +2.11pts
  Bill +0.00pts
Ian +0.00pts
  James +0.00pts
  Jumbo +0.00pts
  Miles +0.00pts
  Ralph +0.00pts
  Walter +0.00pts
  Shaun -1.50pts
  TOTAL +14.31pts